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Coronation Celebrations

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

It's not every day you celebrate the Coronation of a new Monarch and head of the Church of England. We certainly made the most of the Coronation celebration here at St James' Church as you can see from the photos in our Coronation Celebration album.

The Celebration service was well attended and the Church was beautifully decorated by our fabulous team of flower arrangers. We had two delicious cakes made by our resident cake maker supreme Margaret Wildman which we enjoyed after our Celebration Service. There was also a picnic in the rectory after the service which was blessed by perfect weather.

Our bell-ringers became quite the celebrities, being filmed by the BBC as part of their Coronation preparation coverage as well as being featured on a French television programme. They filled the streets of Trowbridge with their 'Ring for the King' peals all over the bank holiday weekend.

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