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Youth Fellowship

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Throughout the year we have lots of special events and activities. Members of YF take part in our annual Holiday Club as young leaders.

We believe that young people are an essential part of the church family and should be given every opportunity to grow in their faith. Our hope is that through engaging in church life, both on a Sunday and at our Youth Group, the young people in Trowbridge will be given the chance to hear about Jesus Christ. As they grow in knowledge, we hope that they will then confidently share their faith with others.


Youth Fellowship meets twice-monthly on a Friday night from 7-9pm in the church hall. It is for secondary-aged young people in Year 7 or above. The evening is structured in a way that encompasses our motto of ‘Fun, Faith, Fellowship.’ Our expectation is that as we have fun together, through games and activities, we will also be sharing our faith with one another. Our Youth Fellowship leaders deliver a talk and facilitate discussion. The evening ends with some snacks and free time to chat or to play some more games.

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